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Twin Cities Cleaning Services

Your company assets are valuable and our 

maintenance services preserves their value.


To constantly add value to your space and leave you with a breath of fresh air as you enter your building by treating your space as we would our own.


Twin Cities Company Profile

To collaborate with our clients to ensure that their assets are well taken care of so that they can succeed.

We are 100% black-owned.
We have a Level One B-BBEE rating.


We promise to treat your assets as our own by delivering our services with excellence and consistency. As such, our team values:



We believe in getting the job done with the best cost to clients and the least amount of impact on the environment.


We are available and we seek to comprehensively understand your cleaning needs so that they can be met as per your expectations.


We will treat your assets as if they were our own. You can rest assured that we’re doing what we do best while you focus on what you do best.



We always keep you informed and updated about the condition of your space.

Take care of your clients while we take care of the cleaning.



Charles Dickens wrote a novel titled “A Tale of Two Cities” which tells a story about things not always being as they seem. In the same vein, Twin Cities Cleaning Services tells a similar story of surfaces that seem clean, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see that they aren’t.

In 2007, Chris Ndongeni and Kenneth Khumalo were appalled and deeply saddened at what they saw when they looked a little closer at their everyday surfaces. It was then that they decided that for working spaces to be healthy, productive, and happy - they needed to be clean.

And so began the journey to providing businesses with the opportunity to have clean and happy working spaces. Employee satisfaction increased, customer reviews came back positive, and the businesses cleaned by Twin Cities Cleaning Services boomed.

Nearly 2 decades later, Twin Cities Cleaning Services now tells a very different story where surfaces that seem clean, actually are clean - no matter how closely you look.

Chris Ndongeni, our resident MD, worked in various industries before the inception of Twin Cities Cleaning Services. This together with his management expertise enabled him to co-found our organisation and keep it running successfully for the past decade and a half. If you need to speak about anything related to marketing and administration, Chris is the twin to speak to.

“My vision for Twin Cities Cleaning is to see more and more of our clients succeed as we ensure that their assets are well taken care of.”

Chris Ndongeni
Kenneth Khumalo

Kenneth Khumalo, our trusted overseer of operations ensures that, between our clients and our staff, our contracts are professionally managed so that we exceed the expectations of our clients. If you were wondering who enables Twin Cities Cleaning Services to stay ahead of the industry - it’s Kenneth!

"Collaboration is my specialty."



You trust Twin Cities Cleaning Services with your space, so it only makes sense that we should be able to trust the team who does the work - and we do!

We have worked tirelessly to boost the South African economy through job creation and empower those who decide to work for us. Goal-oriented workers will always be purposeful and effective in what they do - and this is a perfect description of our team members.

Twin Cities Cleaning Services recognises the importance of continuous training and development and we have made efforts to facilitate courses for our workforce - they are, after all, the engine that drives our company.


Through these courses, our team gains knowledge on:

The Basic Principles of Professional Cleaning: Do’s and Don’ts

Our team understands the importance of cleaning and effective planning and preparation for cleaning tasks.

  • They can correctly identify and implement the use of the essential components required for cleaning.

  • They understand the importance of time using the correct cleaning methods for different messes.

Cleaning Toilets & Bathrooms: A Guide to Successful Sanitation

If ever there is a space that needs comprehensive cleaning TLC, it is high-touch and in-person contact areas. In other words, toilets and bathrooms.

  • Our team looks at these areas in detail.

  • There are effective steps for cleaning both respectively and our teams are aware of those differences and able to thoroughly clean both.

Chemicals in the Cleaning Services Environment: It’s a Science

Cleaning might be an art in the beauty that is revealed post-cleaning, but it’s also a science in the danger of some chemicals. This is why we train our teams to execute their work effectively and safely.

  • They know the reactions and pH levels of the chemicals used in their work.

  • They are aware of why diluting the chemicals correctly is essential.

  • They know how to choose the correct chemical for the task at hand.

  • They know how to correctly handle and store the chemicals that are in use and those that aren’t.

Hear from our TEAM


“I like everything about Twin Cities. We are happy.”

- Petrus Mabena -

“I thought that things would be tough. But Twin Cities is an accommodating company that can suit any worker. That’s what I like about it.”

- Thandi Makhubu -

Petrus Mabena
Thandi Makhubu

“I have a pile of certificates which I'm happy with - I even have a first-aid certificate!”

- Enoch Marumo -

Enoch Marumo

Giving BACK

In an effort to sow back into our communities, we strive to include and upskill individuals in the surrounding communities wherever possible. As we rise, we lift others up as well.


We also prioritise supporting other organisations that are doing the same thing. Here’s a little synopsis of our experience with Rise Against Hunger (RAH), which is one such organisation. RAH is on a mission to end hunger, one meal at a time. Twin Cities Cleaning services stands by this goal and we supported their mission by attending one of their second Saturday packing sessions (which they have every month) in Johannesburg.

We enjoyed good music, took some photos, bonded as a team, and packed food parcels with the thought in the back of our minds that we were making a difference in the lives of people (around the world) who would otherwise go hungry - perhaps even die from it.

It was a fulfilling experience and an overall joyful one with one of the best initiatives - the betterment of someone else’s life!

Twin Cities Cleaning Team
Twin Cities Cleaning Team
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